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These are some flip tricks

The kickflip
to do the kickflip put your back foot on the tail and your front foot on the right side of the board in the middle with your heel hanging of a lil' bit. ollie and slide your front foot up and over the side. keep the board under you and land with your feet over the bolts. It also helps to kind of lean forward when you do the trick.

the heelflip
If you want to do the heelflip you have to first get in the right position w/ your feet so put you back foot on the the tail and your fron foot right behind the front truck bolts with you toes hanging over the edge, then get moving at a comfortable speed, next push down on the tail and jump and slide your foot off of the side of the nose, watch it flip, catch it w/ your back foot and land. Hey hey Hey you just heelfliped!!

360 (tre) flip: just take your front foot further back than in a kickflip (still angle it toward the front), then slam down on the tail very slightly aswell as pushing/swiping it backwards quite quickly and with force. at the same time do the flip same as normal but make sure you press down with your front foot. land and you check your pants that you actually did it. Sent in by Sjaj