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product reviews

this is where i'll review skateboard stuff. you can send in your own reviews too just e-mail me them and they might go up

deck reviews

Flip-the king
this was my first deck. it was 8" and I dont know It was a great deck. good pop, had it for about a year and it's just starting to chip
Termite-the one with the termite on the skateboard
this deck is really nice! it has perfect concave and the pop is awesome. It is only 5 ply but i know someone who probably weighed 150 lbs and he did a nollie hardflip on it and it didnt snap. 

shoe reviews
the best go buy them. know peeps who've had them for 2 years and there's no wear on the bottom and great padding

vans-geoff rowley old school style
great for the 55 dollar price the perfect balance between feel and padding,grippy and stylish!

odd stuff
x factor ramp- i got this ramp from kb toy stores for 35 dollars (onsale from 40) and it is amazing! i got a great deal its the same ramp as the ramptech ramp which costs $90+
but alot cheaper. a great transition and everything i could go on and on.
Halo for the x-box system
This is such a fun game! its alot like james bond on crack, the weapons are really cool and the AI is really good because some of the aliens talk and get scared its really funny
SORRY the flip video
This video is awesome, i have watched more than 20 times and i still want to watch it again and again, Mark Appleyards part is amazing! He is so smooth and his flip trick are text book, followed by Ali Boulala's part with the craziest stuff! This vid is soooo great GO BUY IT NOW!!!